Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010


Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well and that you know that I think of you all the TIME!!!! Really all the time. Well this week has been a good one we have worked hard and had some great success.

Hermana Bounds and I have been on exchanges for three days so I was with Hna Brodhead (my other daughter) for three days but now we are back together and having fun again. Well this week we had 2 baptisms....

Jesus and Magdalena Galindo were baptized on Saturday at 8:00 at night it was so good and the spirit was so strong. Then on Sunday they were confirmed and are now members of the True church. YEAH!!!! It was so good, Jesus's sister came to the baptism, we have been teaching her a bit and she loves it. She felt the spirit so it is only just a matter of time before she will enter the waters as well. Jesus and Magdalena are so great since we have met them and started teaching them, they have given us the names of their friends to go and teach. They are just so happy. That was the highlight of our week and it was a good one at that.

We did have another cool experience...We tracked into this lady named Elisa and we gave her a Book of Mormon then set up a time to come back well we went back the next day and taught her a first. It was going great and the spirit was strong. She told us that she was catholic (nothing new to that) and that she and her kids had all been baptized. We started to explain about the authority and how we needed to be baptized by the authority and without that authority then it was not correct. After we were done explaining she looked at us and said "So you are telling me that my church does not have the authority and is not authorized by got to baptize." Well... we told her in a nice manner yep that is exactly what we are telling you but you don't have to believe us just ask your Heavenly Father. We the ended the discussion with a prayer, she said it and in her prayer asked her above question, during the prayer she started to cry. It was amazing and so very cool to be there and witness the spirit working and giving her an answer. We set up a time to come back again and have tried but she is not home and won’t answer the phone. So that is a bummer but we are still trying, things will work out. We will find her because she knows that what we know is true. Super cool experience, I love the Spirit and I love experiences like these, they are huge testimony Builders!

As of right now we don't have any baptism dates and we are needing to find new investigators because we don't have very many in our teaching pool so this week is going to be an intense finding and setting dates and watching the miracles unfold right before our eyes. The Lord blesses us so much and we are so very grateful. I really am very blessed and am learning so very very much.

I am so very happy that everyone is doing well and that the camps and reunions are going well. I am sad to miss them all but I know I am where I need to be and doing the things I need to be doing. So I will just have to wait until next summer and have all that fun with you.

I also want to take this time and say I am sorry I have been a horrible missionary at writing snail mail. I am so very sorry but my p-days don’t last very long and it seems like by the time I am done e-mailing and shopping my p-day is over. I am sorry I am repenting and I hope to get one out to you soon. I know you like mail just as much as I do so I am going to work on that and get better at it.

Anyway enjoy the pics love you all



1. Baptism: Just us and the Galindo family

2. Baptism: Family, us missionaries, and the person who performed the baptism.

3. Us with Yenileth on her birthday she just turned 7. She is Jesus and Magdalena's little girl they also have another one who is 15 but she has not interest and doesn’t really even like to talk to us as of right now but things will soon change we hope.

4. Me being weird