Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 7, 2010

Hey family,

Well I hope everyone is doing well and that you all have a smile on your face. This week was great we had a little bit of a rough start but it turned out good.

We have our baptism dates for the 12th of June with a single mother and her two daughters. But the mom is starting to have doubts and she is struggling with the Law of Chastity because she has a boyfriend. So we are praying really hard for her and that she will make the right decision. We know she is ready and she wants to get baptized she just has to except the commandments from our Heavenly Father and obey them. I will let you know how it goes next week.

Yesterday we had church and boy did we have a miracle. We as a companionship had four of our investigators at church and then a member (who is a wonderful missionary) brought her friend and her kids so we had an additional 5 people so in all we had 9 investigators at church. It was AMAZING!!!!! Yeah for members who help missionaries.

Well the exciting news is that this Saturday the 12th we get to have Elder Ballard here to talk to us. We as the missionaries have a special conference with him at 2:00 but it is us and also the missionaries in Knoxville. So it will be a lot of missionaries in one area. I also have a friend in the Knoxville mission so I hope I get to see her, Staci Place. We wrote each other, and will be looking for each other there. But better yet all of this is happening right in my area. So that is cool. We are all so excited and hope to get lots of investigators there on Sunday because he is speaking on Sunday to the whole Madison stake. Super cool! We are excited.

I got sick with a cold this week. (I hate summer colds- it is so hot outside and here I am with a cough and a runny nose) but I am starting to get a little better. Little by little and I will be good. I am sorry that I don’t have a ton to write but know that I am doing well. This week has been fine and all is going good. I love you all so very much. Oh I just remembered.....Funny story time:

This week- we have a HUGE area so we don't have enough miles so Hna Bounds and I have been riding our bikes ALOT!!!! Well the streets are not made for biking- we had an appointment so we called and confirmed it. We rode the 3.5 miles to the apt but then he said I am so sorry but I can't meet with you I have to teach a class right now. Ok, we started to ride back so that we could get to our next apt… well we were on the side of the road but the cars kept honking at us to get out of the way so we decided we would be nice and move well I was moving over and I had to go over a little patch of grass but hidden in that grass was a pipe that my wheel slipped on and down I went to the other side where there was cement! Oh it was great fun I was laughing and Hna Bounds was laughing but wanting to know if I was ok and I was. I just scraped up my arm, hand and knee, all on my right side. It was so fun! Hna Bounds said it was really funny to watch so I hope the passing cars got a good laugh out of it. Oh the mission life on bikes.

My companion and I are happy for the success that we have been having but know that it is only because of the lord that we are able to do it. He helps us so very much. This is all his work and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thanks for all your love and support- Please keep me in your prayers because I still need them every day.