Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept. 28, 2009


Well where do I begin.....This week has been full of adventurers. First Hermana Ethington left for a new area so it is just Hna Munoz and I. We should be getting a new companion (visa waiter) this week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also this week it think it was Wednesday we were walking out of an appointment and it was dark and raining and Hna Munoz says "oh no" I was like what??? Well it turns out that her contact had fallen out of her eye so we looked and looked for it with a little flashlight that I had. Then the investigators came out and helped us look but we couldn't find it. Well it turns out that that was her last pair and she has hard contacts so she was going to have to order new ones. So until she gets them she can't really see very well so I have/get to drive. So anyway until she gets her new contacts in about a week or two we hope. I am driving. Wish me luck. so far I have done OK with the help of a GPS (that is Hna Munoz) and I have only almost killed us 1(just kidding). Anyway....

OK so remember when I said that they had that group that they wanted me to sing in for the mission. Well they asked me to sing this week with them (in English-so that was good because I was not ready for Spanish yet) So on Friday we had to go up to Kentucky and sing. It was fun and I did ok, I only messed up a little. But I can now say I have been to KENTUCKY!!!! Then we sang again last night on Sunday (in Brentwood Tennessee). It was good also but once again I messed up but oh well what can you do? They said you couldn't recognize that I messed up. So that is good.

Also was not the RS broadcast wonderful? It was really good and just what I needed to hear I am really excited to get to listen to conference this weekend I think I really need it. I need to hear the counsel to that I can get re energized and work a little harder.

Ok so on to some really good news we had a BAPTISM!!!!!! Jose Luis was baptized on Saturday the 26 of was a small baptism because he is really shy and didn't want anyone there so it was just us missionaries and someone to baptism him and 2 witnesses. But it was a beautiful baptism. Then on Sunday he and Elda were confirmed and given the Holy Ghost and Luis got the priesthood. YEAH!!!!! It was a great day!!!

We are now back to the finding because all our teaching pool is either dropped us or they have become members. So it is back to knocking doors but the hard thing with that is that we have already knocked all the doors and tailor parks that are Spanish so we are going to have to start over knocking the same doors. So pray that we can find new investigators that want to hear the gospel and want to be baptized or people that have had a change of heart and will let us in this time.I don't know if there is really a ton more to tell you all. A lot of the missionaries have been getting sick but so far I am still healthy to I hope it stays that way. But some kind of flue has been going around so I will try and stay away from it. Well I think I have run out of things to say.... Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes I will have a great one. I found out I have President Interviews that day at 7:30 am. Thanks so much have a great week and I shall talk to you all later. I love you all so much I am blessed with the best family in the world.

Con Amor

Sonrisa Siempre

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 21, 2009

Hello Everyone,so first i would like to tell you a sad story I was writing you this letter and I was almost done telling you all my news and this it all got erased because well i don't know why but it did. So if this letter is short it is because i don't have any more time to tell you everything i had in there before. :(

Anyway Transfers......well I am STAYING in Franklin :) however my companion Hna Ethington is leaving so it will just be Hna Munoz and I but then next week we are getting a sister from the MTC (she is waiting for a visa so they are sending her here to work) so i guess you could say I am TRAINING with sister Munoz, but Hna Munoz will be training both of us on Spanish :) Wow scary stuff.

We had a baptism yesterday for Elda, she is amazing and will be a great addition to the ward. I have seen 3 baptisms since I have been here: Conception (Conchi) Cruz, Maria Herrera, and Elda Chi. We also have a another person being baptized next weekend. Wow!!!

Well let’s see what else. Oh this week was a little slow because my companions were both sick for two days so we stayed in and I studied Spanish for two days straight. I don't know if it helped but I am trying. We taught a really good lesson this week to a guy named Julian he was confused and didn't know if this was the true church so we all keeled down and he offered a prayer and asked and the spirit was so strong he started to cry during the prayer. So we extended a baptism date and he says no I don't think it is right, I don't think I am ready. WE were like WHAT!!!!! You just got your answer. We were a little sad but one day he will get baptized we are just going to have to be patient.

Mom go ahead and send my box to my apt in Franklin I am staying here so just send it straight to me and I don't think I need anything else in there except my camera charger. Thanks sorry that I keep asking for things but just know that I love you.

Sorry this is not the best letter but you read my sad story at the beginning.I hope you all have a great week full of smiles. Tell the Mills family congrats for me. Love you all!!!

Sonrisa Siempre :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept. 14, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Isn't it funny how usually on Monday everyone is like oh no a new week has begun (I have to go to school and to work) and I love Monday because I get to talk to you and I get to buy food and I get to do my laundry!!!!! Mondays are GREAT!!!! Anyway onto the week. I really don't have a ton to tell you (but of course I say that and my e-mails are always really really long so we will see)

Mom to answer your questions in my box there is one thing. I brought batteries for my camera but they run out to fast so in my white tub in my room there should be my camera charger (little gray stand and the cords and the rechargeable batteries.) If you could just send that it is all in one bag I believe. Ask Margie she should know what I am talking about. Also maybe you should send it to the office because transfers are next week and though I don't think I will be transferred but there is always the possibility, so send it to the office. Or you know what you could wait tell next week and then I should know if I am getting transferred and then I can tell you where to send it. I won’t need the stuff until then so you can do that. But if you want it out of the house so you can clear out space then send it one out to the office. :) Oh and the winter cloths. You can wait a little and send it out later it is not very cold here yet and I should not need them for a little bit. Thanks mom you are the best. As for the pumpkin I have NO IDEA so I will say 35in. The other Spanish sisters are not too far they are about on hour away from us closer to Nashville then we are. I am happy that you and dad had a great anniversary and that you did something different. Good job.

Wow Eric is getting married. Crazy!!!! Wish him luck for me and Kameron as well. Margie I hope you had a great time singing and that you enjoyed the talk. I bet you did wonderful. Mom did you see her???? Thanks for telling me about Clyde I bet he was happy to go.

Well this week we had 5 baptism dates but two of them have fallen through one because he is 11, Richard, and his dad is hard core catholic and wont give permission. But he can go to church just not get baptized. So one day but just not right now. But his mom Elda is getting baptized on Saturday. Also Alfredo he was doing so great and reading and progressing and he had a baptism date for this Saturday but then he just dropped off the face of the earth. We would call him and no answer we would knock on his door and he would not be home. So then yesterday we finally found him and said "What’s up with you" (ok not really like that) but anyway he just told us that it was going way to fast for him and that he wasn't sure so we said fine. We will slow it down but at least you could do is tell us. He told us sorry so all is good we are just slowing things way down for him. Anyway that is all the great news from the week. Oh Hermana Ethington and I have been asked to sing in Spanish for the RS broadcast thing that they are doing here wish me luck again. I love you all I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for all your prayers and support. I hope Sister Buse and Sister Rice are doing better. I am thinking of them. Let them know. Oh one more thing I have a joke......"If you're not LDS you belong to a not-prophet organization" ha ha ha I read it and thought it was funny, anyway love you tons have a great week full of smiles.

Sonrisa Siempre & Con Amor

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sept. 9, 2009

Hey everyone,

So this is going to be short because I don't have a ton of time. I couldn't write on Monday because it was Labor Day and the Library was closed then on Tuesday we had Zone conference. So they are giving us a little time today but I don't have much. Thanks for all your letters.Zone conference was great it was just what I needed to hear to get re energized and get back to work with more strength :)Let me answer a few of your questions. I got Rudy in 2000 so he is about 9 years old.

Sisters I have the game and I will send it home. Oh and I WON!!!!!!!! :) Margie good luck with singing you will do great!!!! Oh and about the cell phones I think I wrote down all my numbers so you can erase them. But if you want to write them down just to make sure go for it. Also I think the texting thing is because of the number so maybe try and change your phone number. Because ever since we switched our number over from AT&T we don't get them. So try changing the phone number. I don't know.

Oh and here they can't say my name so some call me Horsy (usually just the little kids....but some adults), others call me Heg and other call me for fun Caballo (horse in Spanish) it is fun to hear them try some get it pretty good but they can't remember it and others just make a joke out of it, ha ha ha, you got to love our name I know I do.Sorry to hear about all the accidents in the ward tell them I am praying for them.

Becky I am sorry for the rain but I can't tell the Lord what to do. You can try but I don't think it will work. Oh and I am happy to hear that you are having fun with your volunteer work. Good job Stewart on your test. I knew Becky married a smart one. Katie I am happy that Rupert and you are doing well. You are the best love you tons.Dad good job with scouts you are Amazing.Mom thanks for the ideas for Christmas and I hope I win the pumpkin game I pick #2.

Sorry not much time but I love you all tons I will write more on Monday.Oh one more thing so there are only 5 Spanish sisters here and one leaves in November and both my companions leave in December and then we are getting 4 new sisters in December. Do you know what that means? yep..... I will be training in DECEMBER!!!!! I need PRAYERS and lots of them. I got a letter from president today and he just said work hard and learn all you can because I will need your help in December. I think I almost had a heart attack. I need to learn so much but I still have 3 months and I have the Lord on my side so all will be well. But keep the prayers coming as I know you are. My Spanish will come. Oh and other news we have 5 baptism dates for this month already. No time got to go get back to work. Love you all so much!

Mom and Dad happy anniversary!!!!!!!!! You are amazing parents


Sonrisa Siempre