Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 14, 2010


Well as you know we had the chance to hear from an apostle of the Lord this weekend. Elder Ballard came to our mission to do some things with the Stake and some training with the leaders but because President Hutchings (mission Pres) was one of Elder Ballard’s missionaries when he was a mission pres he made a few phone calls and we got a meeting set up to meet with Elder Ballard just as missionaries. Well us and the Knoxville missionaries (Staci Place was there and I got to see her and it was amazing, It was so fun to see a friend and to both be missionaries). It was so amazing and I learned so much. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to get a one on one training from an apostle of the Lord. He told us to start working more with the members because the members were the key. They would make all the difference in the investigators life. Also he told us to talk to more people every day and to make it a goal to talk to 10 more people then we usually do every day. So I am opening my mouth and talking to all. It is going to be amazing. Also after that conference on Sunday he met with the Madison stake and guess what I just so happen to be in the Madison Stake. So we got to hear from him again on Sunday and all of our investigators did to. We had 6 investigators at church and they loved it. It really was amazing and Elder Ballard pretty much taught a first lesson for us. I LOVED IT!!!!!! It really was a spiritual weekend and I learned a lot from it.

Paulina and her family ended up not getting baptized this weekend she had some doubt and said she was just not ready so we are still working with her. She will get baptized just have to keep going.

Yesterday Hna Bounds and I were challenged by our district leader to set a baptismal date. He said sisters we really need some dates set so pray about who can be baptized and present the plan to Heavenly Father and get to work. So we did. We prayed had two families in mind presented our plan to the Lord. Called some members to come with us to that we could follow the counsel of Elder Ballard and we went to work.

We went to the first investigator Enrique. We extended a date and he said no I need more time so after a little more time we had to go but told him to pray about it. We went to our next apt with another family and we started talking about the conference with Elder Ballard and they said they loved it we talked about baptism and we extended a date for the 26th of June. The husband was like YES and wife oh I DONT KNOW. Then here comes the member crushing all doubts that she was having letting her know that she could do it and that she needed to do it. So what did we do we set 2 dates for the 26th of this month. We were so very grateful for the help of the Lord and for the help of the wonderful member who came with us. The members really do make the difference they can relate better to the investigators and it is true Every Member A Missionary.

We as a zone are still struggling a lot and we have a lot of work to do in these next 16 days. I am not sure what is going to happen but keep us in your prayers. I know that the lord is helping us and that he has a plan for us. I just don't know what that is yet.

Know that I love you tons and tons and that I am so very happy to be a missionary. I will not be able to write a letter today because we don't have p-day today because on Wednesday we get to go to the TEMPLE so that will be our p-day we just have time to write e-mail and shop for food then it is a working day in the hot weather. This morning at like 9 it was 97 that’s what I call hot and humid. Not a big fan of it. Ok well I don't have a tone more to tell you just that I love you a lot and I am very happy to have you all as my family. Have a great week and work hard. I will do the same and be thinking of you. Love you!


1) Me and my comp Hna Bounds (love her)

2) Me on a dino (after doing service)

3) Juan, Esmeralda, Vanessa & Angel, Baptism. They are doing so well and are so cute! LOVE THEM!!!

4) Madison sign and my bike

5) Staci Place (sister Place and I)

6) My ZONE!!!!!