Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 5, 2010


What a week it has been full of success miracles and spiritual knowledge. Did you not just love Conference it was so good. Family centered and just wonderful I loved it. I am so grateful that we get to listen to them every 6 months. Ok well my week was great, a little crazy and mind boggling but over all great and spiritual.

First- Tuesday came around and we were told that Hna Brodhead (my daughter) was going to come back and be with us for a while because her companion was going back to Temple square and there was no other sister coming in or no other visa waiter or anybody. So Hna Brodhead is with me again (I love her). So we are running her area Madison (20 min away) and our once again two phones, two apartments, 1 1/2 cars, and three sisters. Great fun! We go to her area 2 times a week and then work in ours the rest of the week. It is a little crazy and it just was thrown at us but we are making it work and all is well. We are not sure for how long but at least until Transfers in 2 weeks...then we will go from there.

So after we got all situated and figured everything out we started to plan a wedding with decorations, food and fun along with our other missionary duties.
Friday we had a BODA (wedding)!!!!! It was so good, simple but cute and she really loved it. Her dress was not the modest of things but what can you do. We got her married and they had fun. Then on Sunday....We had a BAUTISMO (Baptism)!!!!! She was a little nervous at first had some doubt running through her mind but we talked to her bore our testimonies and after Sunday morning conference she was ready and she was baptized. She told us after "Thanks girls for helping me" LOVE HER!!!! Her husband Omar is nice he doesn’t talk very much but he is nice. He didn't come to her baptism because he said he didn't want to. He is going to be hard to work with but she wants it for him and we want it for him so we are praying that his heart will be softened and that he will be open to the message that we have to share with him. They are a cute family with there two little boys Omar Jr and Giovanni.

Saturday and Sunday were Great!!!! We had 4 wonderful sessions of conference which were some of the best. I really did learn a lot about families and even things that I can relate here in the mission field. Also that Saturday night while all the men were in priesthood we set 2 more baptism dates for the 25 of April. One with Genaro and the other with Miguel. Genaro came to church on Sunday and really liked it but Miguel didn't so we will have to work with them a lot but they are really good.

Also Olivia and Jessica....I am not sure with them. They are great and I know they want it but we had some problems finding them and then we found them again and she was good said she was coming to church and then she didn't come and we couldn't get a hold of her. So right now there date for the 24th is dropped (because they have to be to church at least three times before they can be baptized) but we just need to work with them more to get them back on track. She is also having money problems so she needs help but we can't help her... But we will keep her in our prayers and everything will work out and go well. We just have to get her back on track.

So right now we just had a baptism and a wedding and we have two more for the 25th of April. The lord is really blessing us and we are doing well. I love this work I love this season. Easter really is a special day...I am sorry that I missed the family party but it sounds like you all had a great time. Know that I was thinking of you all.

Hna Hegerhorst

P.S- Pictures are of her baptism and her wedding and her colors were pink and white. The ward did the food and we did the decorations with what we could find. Turned out pretty good.

Love Ya!

March 29, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I just want everyone to know that today is a great day. I woke up this morning like I do every morning but to day I was just extra happy to be a missionary. It is a great day with great things in store but I just wanted everyone to know how great it is to be a missionary of the restored TRUE church.

Ok so now I will go on with my life. Things are going good just the usual. My week was not full of exciting stories like last week, but it was still good. :) Mayra our wedding and baptism date is doing AMAZING. We have been seeing her everyday and she is just progressing and doing so well. We are trying to help her get everything ready for her wedding and her baptism for this weekend. Can I just tell you planning a wedding is hard and I think even harder when you are a missionary and have so much other things that you have to do. But it is fun!!!! It will be simple but good. Her boyfriend gets home on Wednesday we will get the wedding license on Thursday and they get married on Friday. a week full of great and exciting things. But she has already had her baptism interview and she got a blessing to help her get through this last week before her baptism and it was a beautiful blessing. She really is an amazing person. We had a lesson with her the other day and we asked her how she was doing with not smoking or drinking coffee. She said not good. Oh No I thought so I asked her ok how much have you drank or smoked she said. Nothing it is just so hard. She has so much faith and she is so Strong. She is going to make a great addition to the church. We are excited to meet Omar and start teaching him. Mayra talks to him on the phone and pretty much teaches him what we teach her. She read him the Family Proclamation to the world over the phone. It is GREAT!!!!

Yesterday was Sunday and Hna Taft and I were really tired so we stayed in and took a Nap....NOT what kind of missionary do you think I am hahahaha... No we went out and were going to a recent converts house to see her and see how she was doing, well she was not home so we came out sat on some stairs and were just so tired that we didn't want to move and it was 8:30 at night. But then we heard some Spanish music and Hna Taft said I bet they are Hispanic..... yep I said.... she said we should probably knock the door or we will just wonder so we both got up really slowly knocked the door and a lady answered we did our door approach thing and she said sure come on in. We started the lesson told her that through this lesson she would have the desire to be baptized and she said Good, (that is not an answer you get everyday) so we went on with the lesson taught her a 1st then we both felt that she needed a baptism date so we extended a date to her for the 24th of April and she said YES what do I need to do (again not an answer you get everyday). But wait the story gets better. She has an 8 year old daughter so what did we do yep we set a date with her daughter as well. So we now have 2 baptism dates for the 24 of April. Her name is Olivia and she is great her daughters name is Jessica. She also has another little girl who is a year old and she has one more on the way. But she just separated from her husband about 4 months ago so she is a single mom right now. They are both great. So after the lesson ended at 9:00 we started walking for home but now with an extra boost of energy and we made it home by 9:30 and then got ready for bed. It was a great way to end the week and the day.

So my week was great things are moving forward.....wish us luck with the wedding this week everything else. I am so excited for Easter and General conference. The baptism will be in-between conference sessions on Sunday so you can be thinking of us as you eat. Have a happy Easter and enjoy General conference I know I will.

Love you all

March 22, 2010


Can you tell that I am excited!!! I really don't know why I think it has something to do with I am a Missionary and to make it even better I am a Mormon Missionary :) How much better could things get than that. Ok well I will fill you in on a little of what happened to me this week.

It was the same old same old tracking and finding people to teach and having people tell us no not interested or yes you can come back and then they are not there but that was ok. We moved on and kept going. We still have not found anyone but we still have Mayra :)
Mayra is amazing she is 21 and has two little boys and her boyfriend. She is from Puerto Rico so she speaks great English and Spanish. So we teach her in Spanglish :). But anyway we set a baptism date with her for the 4th of APRIL (Easter and Becky birthday and General Conference). But wait it gets better....we were teaching her about all the things you need to know like the law of chastity and guess what yep we set a wedding date for the 2nd of April (Stewarts Birthday) Yeah!!!!!! So we get to plan a wedding and a baptism and have Easter and get spiritually fed by conference. I am so excited and praying so hard that everything works out smooth and good :) PRAY FOR THAT TOO PLEASE!!!! But she is great- we are hoping to start teaching her boyfriend but he is in New York right now but is coming back this week. So we have not even met him yet but he is set for the wedding. So GREAT!!! So right now she is our light that helps us keep going. Well besides Mayra not much else exciting happened except that I have had a few near sudden death experiences.....

First- There we were and I was getting into the car so the elders could go and drop us off somewhere because it was there time for the car and our turn to walk (I really so LOVE WALKING it helps me think) Well i am getting into the car and the door comes back and slams my left foot in it before I could get it all the way in. wow it really hurt so I walked the rest of the night with it hurting and I have a really good sized bruise on it. OK so this happened Saturday.

Second- Sunday I wake up and my foot is a little better does not hurt as much but still a huge bruise...ok I can live with is no big deal. I look outside and it is raining a little but not to bad. Get ready do my studies and then it is time to set off to walk and get investigators for Church. Yeah!!! I get my umbrella (GREAT CHOICE) and we are off. We are walking and it starts to rain harder and i come to find out I should have warn different shoes. But too late now my feet are drenched but I am happy because I am a missionary and I love rain. Well we go to an apartment complex and I am walking down some stairs and what do I do....Yep down I go................. so now I have a pretty good bruise on my back and on my right arm. Hurt I am not going to lie but I got up laughed it off and we kept going (my companion was like are you ok and I was just laughing and she thought I was weird but it was either laugh or something else so I laughed). Needless so say the people in that apt complex that we went to get to church didn’t come but that is ok Mayra came to church. :)

Third- Monday (today) well they say everything happens in three so this is the third day and I am waiting for what is coming. I am hoping nothing but we will wait and see. I will let you know if anything big happens.

But over all it was a great great week. I loved it and we did have many miracles. I went to the TEMPLE and that was great I needed that. I am happy to hear that you are all doing well. I want you to know that the church is so true. This lord is with us everyday even if we slam our foot in the door or fall down a bunch of stairs. His hand is in our lives we just have to look for it and look for the miracles everyday because they are there. I love you all so very much. Have a great week and I will fill you in with more news next week.