Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010


I hope you all had a great week it sounds like you had tons of fun and did a lot. I as well stayed pretty busy and had some pretty good success. Ok not pretty good but GREAT success. This week was a roller coaster. It was up and down and up and down, but it came out on an up so that is good.

Monday night we went and set a baptism date with a Joshua Barba, a 9 year old little boy of a less active family, we set it for Thursday because he was leaving for vacations. So we had a baptism this week on Thursday!!! It was so good and he is now a member of the True Church and he is so happy.

We also had some down moments during the week, Paulina decided that she does not want to get baptized which is ok we can give her some time but then she just informed us that she is going to go to a different church because she does not feel ready. We told her that she didn't have to get baptized but that she should still come to church. She said no I just don't want to anymore. She is just really scared and satan knows she is a good one so he is working extra hard on her. That was really hard for us. We had to let her go but we are still going to work with her and try to get her back on board. Right now I think she might just need a little break to help her realize what it is she is really missing.

Jesus and Magdalena Galindo are doing well, they have their baptism date for the 26th of June so this coming Saturday. We had a wonderful miracle with them yesterday and it was really amazing. Stake Conference yesterday so church started at 10:00, we called the Galindo's and asked them if they were still coming. Magdalena said, "Oh Jesus is really sick and I don't think that we are going to be able to come his back really hurts and I don't want to leave him." Dang it! We testified but then let them and then hung up. We called a member and asked them to call and invite them and see what she could do. We got a call back from the member saying...They are not coming...Ok Hna. Bounds and I were thinking... they have to come to church or they can't get baptized - we can get someone and go give Jesus a blessing. But we thought and we prayed about our options and just did not know what to do so we ended up just going to church. We were there at 9:30 and since it was stake conference our mission Pres was speaking so we went and said hello. He asked "Do you have any investigators coming?" Well pres we said and told him what our investigators said. He then said "How much faith does he have... go get the elders and give him a blessing." I said we thought of that and you just saying it again is our answer. So off we went we grabbed our Spanish Elders who were there because of stake conference and were on our way to give a blessing. We got there explained why we were there and gave Jesus a blessing. It was a beautiful blessing. After we asked him how he felt, he said I do not have the pain anymore. Sweet we thought then said. "Great go get your shoes you are coming to church with us." So they changed and came to church. The talks in church were just what they needed. It was amazing and they loved it.

Heavenly Father is amazing we showed our faith and so did Jesus and now they can still get baptized on Saturday. I am excited and am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the things he does for me. He really has his hand in our lives always. We still need to pray for them a lot because Satan is working hard and it is going to be a tuff week but heavenly Father will help us I know.
Well that is about all we are still working with a few other people and trying to get them ready for baptism but it is all in the Lords time and not in ours. So we will have to be patient. I am learning so much and trying to improve every day. This work is amazing and it never gets old. I get tired and hot but that is ok it is worth it.I hope you know that I love you all so much hope you have a great week and remember that someone in Madison Tennessee is thinking of you. Have a great Week!!!



1) Hna Bounds and I front of a horse that is outside some Chinese restaurant that some members took us too.

2) In front of the temple, this is my district as of right now

3 & 4) Joshua Barba's Baptism