Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov. 30, 2009


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving....mine was really good. We had a member couple in the ward invite us over as well as the other missionaries serving in the ward for dinner. There ended up being 6 missionaries, plus them. It was really good, but not like home. They served us Ham, potato’s, spaghetti and garlic bread, and for dessert we had some kind of fruit salad. It was fun and the food was good but I would not put potatoes and spaghetti together. After dinner was finished we went home, but remember that I live with a member family (I love them they are super nice and really they make me feel so at home). Well anyway we got home and they said, good we waited for you… come eat with us. WHAT!!!! But we don't have room, come on waited for you... So I ate AGAIN!!! Only this time we had....Chicken, Potatoes, Spaghetti and bread. Once again really really good but I would not put those particular foods together. I will stress all the food was very good. Anyway we had a great Thanksgiving and I gave thanks for all that I was given. I have the best family in the world thanks for everything.

Yesterday we had a baptism. Juan Garcia was baptized and it was a wonderful day. This work really is amazing and the days are long and hard but it is all worth the work.

I can't believe Christmas is already here it is so fun to see all the lights and hear the Christmas music; it makes me remember what Christmas is really all about. I love it!!!!! Also that means I am that much closer to being able to talk to you all!!!

This week really was a little slow because my companion is a little sick and she has not been feeling well so we were in the house a lot, this week we are hoping to get out and about.

Oh more news. I don't mind driving it really is not that bad. It is just all the stress that if you do something bad or accidentally do something it could turn out bad for you (well, I am not sure but we will have to wait and see)..... The other day I was driving and we had pulled over into a parking lot because we needed to say a prayer for guidance on what to do. Well we had just said our prayer and we were pulling out to get back on the street and what I thought was the edge to go out on...was not the edge. We it the curb or one of those things in front of a parking space, I really am not sure how to explain it. We got out to make sure the car was ok and that all was good. At the time everything looked ok although it was dark so we could have missed something. We were like ok all is fine nothing is wrong with the car.......WRONG!!!!! The other day my companion gets out and says hey what is up with our tire? Well we look at it and low and behold yep the rim of the tire it bent, pretty well if I say so myself. I am a master at damaging things. We are guessing but we think that when we went off the curb the tire must have got caught on something and bent it. We called the senior Elder in charge of the cars, today and he said to go get an estimate. Well for a rim it is $199.90 yep so we are waiting to hear back about what to do. But that is my car story I am not sure if I will have to pay some of it because I was the driver… for now I am just waiting.

Ok well that is all my stories. Sorry this is nothing exciting. Thanks everyone for all your help and for all your love. I love you tons and tons. Love ya!