Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 23, 2009


Let me just tell you that I am so grateful for the Lord, He is so great and I am so happy to be His daughter and that I can talk to Him anytime to get the help I am need. That said, this week has been a little... ok a lot... CRAZY!!!! But a good crazy at the same time.

First my companion Hermana Joslin DeMartini left for Argentina on Wednesday. I got a new companion Hermana Dina Gasca, we were together working both of our areas until Friday. On Friday we got a call from our President saying that he needed to have an emergency companion exchange for a couple of days because one of the other sisters was having a break down. The sister who was having problems is really good friends with Hermana Gasca, so Hermana Gasca was asked to move to that sisters area and the sisters companion to my area. So Friday night we switched...Hna Gasca went to Franklin (my old area) and Hermana Taft came here with me. Hermana Taft has been out for 10 months, and her Spanish needs improvement like mine. She was serving in Knoxville before, and then she was moved to her area when they closed the area in Knoxville to Spanish sisters because there were not that very many Spanish people. So after the emergency exchange I was here trying run both areas one of which I don’t know and the other that I was just getting use to. I was so lost and nervous at times but with the Lords help I did ok. It turns out that President has decided to keep the change of companions for the rest of the transfer, 3 more weeks. Hermana Taft and I were moved back to my old area and Hermana Gasca and her new companion will work both Franklin and Providence C. So I will just be working one area, Providence B with Hermana Taft, we are both working hard on our Spanish and are preparing to train come next transfer. I know crazy stuff; it is a good thing I didn't really unpack because I am moving again.

Ok so that is all the stressful stuff but amongst all of this. We (me and who ever my companion was at the time) set 4 BAPTISM DATES!!!!!! So while it was a crazy week it was super successful week as well. We have some great investigators who have decided to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.

Johnny- His date is set for the 28th of this month. He is 8 years old. His parents want to get baptized too but Angel (the dad) needs to get a divorce first. He married someone only to get US papers. He also needs to get married to Maria (the mother of his three kids) who he is currently living with.

Amilcar- His date is set for the 28th of this month. He has been an investigator for a while and then one day after institute he said hey will you come over and teach me I want to get baptized!! Heck Yes!!!

Juan Garcia- His date is set for the 29th of this month. He is a great man in is 40s and is just accepting the gospel. I talked about him in my last email.

Daniel- His date is set for the 12th of December. He is amazing! He is accepting the gospel so fast and doing great. We were extending a baptismal date to his cousin, but his cousin told us he had already been baptized. Daniel spoke up and told his cousin that he may have been baptized but the LDS church is the only church that has the right authority to baptize!!!! Ding ding Ding we have a winner. WOW!! Thank you Daniel.

Jose- His date is set for the 24th of December. He is the Daniel’s cousin. After Daniel so nicely told him that we are the only ones with the authority Jose said he wanted to be baptized. When we asked him what day he would like to be baptized He said I want the 24th (Christmas Eve), What? He insisted and said that was the only day he wanted to do it. So we have a date for Christmas Eve.

Well that is all the baptism dates we have set so far. They are all so amazing. 3 of them are in my current area and two are in the other area but I will be able to go to the baptisms, so that is good. This work is AMAZING and TRUE!!!! Yes difficult and hard at times but all in all it is GREAT!

Today is a normal working day for us we have about an hour to write and check our emails. This week our p-day is on Thursday (Thanksgiving). We are going to eat dinner with some members. It should be great. I hope you all have a great Turkey day and know that I will be thinking of you all. I love you all tons. Have a great week full of tons of happy moments and smiles. Oh Thanks for all the letters, I have the best family and friends.


P.S. Mom the name of my last baptism was Rodulfo but I can't remember his last name so I will write you on Thursday with that information. Just know that I am doing great and trusting the lord. I love you all tons. And good luck with everything.