Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 10, 2009


I am HERE and ALIVE!!!!! My area is great and everywhere you look there is a Hispanic. Tons of Spanish tons of people to teach and tons of people who want to here the gospel...some of them just don't know it yet. Ok well first I live in a little apartment that is attached to a house of a member family. The Leanarez are an amazing family. They have 3 kids and they are so strong in the gospel. We see them and eat with them everyday. He is the ward mission leader so he helps us out. His daughter came out on exchanges with us the other day; they are so willing to help us missionaries. Also we have new friends. Cockroaches! Tennessee has tons of them and our little house has tons of them too. But we have fun killing them and finding them. When we come in for the night and turn on the light they go running and we go chasing with out shoes. Ha ha ha, fun times.

The ward is really good. Sunday was good and yes mom I can understand a lot of what they say. Sometime it surprises me but I am getting the hang of it. I understand a lot more then I can speak so I am working on that part of it. My companion, Hna DeMartini,(she is from California and I knew her in the MTC and I also went to school with her sister Emily at BYU-I, I knew her really well) is great and helping me We are learning a lot from each other and she knows the area well so she is helping me find my way around. We had a full time car but now we have a part time car. We share with a set of English Elders in the area. So this week is a walking week because my companion does not have a bike and my bike needs to be fixed first before I can ride it. But Brother Leanarez said he would help me he is a mechanic and he also said there was someone in the ward who fixes bikes so I will get it figured out. But until then are driving/walking.

Let’s see, oh the area is great and we have some great investigators. We set a baptism date today with one of them. Rudolfo will be baptized this Saturday the 14. Yep we are hard at work and there are more dates to be coming. The work is going really well here in Tennessee.

Ok some funny stories. Hna DeMartini and my first day together went really well.....we got to the house unloaded my stuff and then left to go find a Fed-ex because my companion is leaving for Argentina in about a week or 2 and needed to send visa stuff, I will probably be moved to be with the other sisters who are in my ward too when she leaves. Anyway we went to find a Fed-ex and we borrowed a GPS because if you don't have one you get LOST!!!!! Well we got lost with the GPS and ended up going out of our area and then we ended up at the airport. Yep don't ask me how but we did it, all I know is that it was a fun adventure. We did eventually find our way and made it back home safe and sound. We just used up some of our miles and gas, oooops. But, all was well we even called our district leader and told him, so we could clam we were obedient. The Airport was beautiful but it was not my time to be there yet I am still needed here. Sorry mom I was close but you have to wait another year to see me. Ha ha ha ha!

Also this week we trackted into a family that had just moved here from Iraq, when we knocked they were about to sit down and eat lunch (at 4:00 pm), they said come in come in eat with us. At first, we said no and that we were fine, but then the husband said my wife is insisting (only the husband speaks English, along with 4 other languages), please come in and eat with us. So after awhile of them saying please we said ok. We all sat down on the floor and ate and talked (to the husband). The food was really good and we talked about who we were and the church and he told us about Muslims and what they believe. It was really fun and we learned a lot. At the end they brought out tea and we told them no thanks, and then explained the word of wisdom to them, so that was good. We planted a seed. After a while we said we needed to go, and left. It was really fun to talk and learn from them. They told us to come back anytime. Great people! This week we have Zone conference with a member of the 70 coming it should be a great experience I am excited so I will let you know how that goes.

Mom my address is:

451 Benita Dr

Nashville, TN 37211

But I don't know how much longer I will be there because my companion could be leaving at anytime for Argentina and then I will be moving again. So just be safe and send it to the office and they will get it to me. Oh and also I got my box. Thanks so much mom for everything you really are amazing. I love the sweaters they are so great. I hope I answered your questions. I am doing well and the Lord is helping me a tons and I am also learning tons about myself.

Good luck with getting the corn in and getting ready for winter. I love you tons. Thanks for all your prayers and the love you send. I will try and write a letter today. Love you all!