Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 31, 2009

Hola mi Amigos,

Como estan esta bonita dia? I am doing well. I just got back from the temple and finished my personal and companion study and decided that I would write you and tell you all about my week. It has been a good one. Nothing to big has happened but everyday is a good one so anyway. Well let’s see…. Oh every week we have a teaching appointment where we go and practice teaching and speaking in Spanish. It is fun and a good experience but sometimes a little scary but don’t worry I survive every time. This week and the last 2 weeks we, my companion and I, have taught our teachers family. They are visiting from Mexico so they come and help us. However they don’t speak English so it makes us try really hard because we can’t ask them, “How do you say?” J So the first time when we were teaching them the mother was saying something and we couldn’t figure out one word and we knew it was a important word so we asked her to repeat It and try and explain it so we could figure it out in English but we just couldn’t figure it out. Oh and let me tell you that the rest of our district was watching us and evaluating us. So finally one of the elders came to the door and said “Jehovah”…..Oh it was funny when we finally figured it out. But the rest of the lessons went well. Then just this last week his aunt came as well and we were teaching her and she was so nice and we got through the lesson and just talked and then we came back to class and I said something to my teacher and he said that his Aunt has been inactive for 18 years. Wow I said good thing I didn’t know that before I started teaching or I would have been really nervous. Anyway just a funny story for you.

But everything is going well and the time here at the MTC is coming to an end I only have one more full week here and then it is off to Tennessee for me. I got my FLIGHT PLANS yesterday. I leave the MTC at 6:00 in the morning on Monday August 10th I have 10 other people flying with me as well so I am not alone. I met some of the other sisters going there and they are all English but really fun so it should be fun. Also t I fly out of the SLC airport at around 9:45 and I go to Minneapolis Minnesota, and I have a 3 hour lay over. Then I fly from Minnesota to Nashville and I get there at 5:30 there time so 3:30 our time. Do you know what this means…... I get to CALL YOU!!!! So I you would you rather me call you in the morning at SLC or do you want me to wait until I get to Minnesota. I don’t really care if it would work better for dad in the morning then lets do that so he can get out and working. But if he want a reason to have to come in and get out of the heat then I can call later. Just let me know. But make sure you are by the phone or you are all in big trouble.

I can hardly believe that my time here is ending it has gone by so fast. I hope that I can get everything packed again to fit. I am never really good at that and I hope that I don’t go over weight because Delta charges big bucks for overweight bags. So wish me luckJ. I love you all so much. Katie thank you for the letters from Rudy and Rupert they were cute and I loved it. However my district thought I was crazy but what else it new. I wish you all a great week good luck with everything. Mom good luck cleaning grandma’s house out. Have fun with the family and tell them all I say hello and send my love. Tell Uncle Randy that I am thinking of him and praying that things go well. Tell him that I love him. Oh and Hello Grandma hope you are doing well and that you know that I think of you always.

Talk to you all next week.

Con Amor