Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug 31, 2009


Well lets see where to start!!!! Ok first we didn't have a baptism this week. Elda (the person getting baptized) decided that she wanted more time. She is really knowledgeable about the church and the bible. She is reading and studying the BOM and she does her study journal that we gave her but she just feels that she needs more time. Also her Husband is hard core catholic and she needs to ask him before she can get baptized. So we are waiting for her. We are going to try and set another date with her this week so that she will be working for something.

But yesterday we did get another date set for the 19 of September. He is a guy that my companion knows/taught from her last area that is now in our area and he agreed to get baptized on the 19, YEAH!!!!!!! We also have some investigators that have been coming to church and they seem really interested so we are going to see if we can set a date with them in the near future. This work really is amazing. Yesterday was church and it was great. A lot of what was talked about was things that I needed. Also there was a talk about families, and how important eternal families are and that we all do our part to be able to live with them forever. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! Thanks everyone. I am so blessed to know that I am going to be able to live with you all FOREVER!!!!! Sorry if at times I was not the best but I am going to try really hard to do my best so that I can be with you all forever. This gospel is amazing, and Heavenly Fathers plan is Perfect (but you probably already knew that.

Anyway, oh we had interviews with the President this week. My first interview, it was good nothing to big oh but mom I asked about the letter and the picture and he said that he sent them out but that if you didn't get it to let me know so that I can let him know. So let me know mom if you got it.

I am trying to think of more exciting things that have been happening. We are trying to talk to everyone. My companions are having me do everything so that I can learn so when we are walking down the street they say oh there is a Spanish person, go talk to them. I get nervous but then have to tell myself. "Go...Go do it, get out of your comfort zone...this is for the LORD." so I do. This one time I pretty much chased after this lady walking down the street so that I could talk to her. But it worked we got a return appointment with her! Afterwards my companions said that was awesome. It was scary that was what it was. But it is getting easier and easier every time. Also every time we go up to a door. My companions say who’s turn? It is always my turn so I just say "Me Toca" (my turn) then we laugh and I practice my Spanish, Great times.

There are some pretty rude Spanish people but most of them are really nice and let us set up an appointment or teach them right then. However sometimes they just set up a time for us to come back and they make it for a time that they won’t be home. Now that is RUDE because it wastes our time but oh well we are trying. At least when we die and go to heaven we can say hey we went back to teach them but they didn't show, we at least did our part.

I don't know if there is much else that I can say. It was a great week and a fast one but right now we are just trying to find new investigators. Uncle Dan thanks for the advice I will talk to my companions and see if we can put it into work. Happy to hear you are doing great. Good luck with your English classes. We (as companions) teach English classes here too. But right now we only have on student.

Oh Dad we had a district meeting this week and so I saw some other elders from different districts. Well anyway I saw an Elder Beck. He said oh Sister Hegerhorst my mom told me to watch for you, I guess our dads are really good Friends from Alpine. I said oh Beck that sounds familiar. However I am not sure if I really know. So please tell me who his Dad is and then next week I will tell you if I was right on who I thought he was. I don't want to say it and make a complete fool of myself by being totally wrong. Ha Ha!

Anyway this is long enough, we are going to go to Wal*Mart today so I will try and print some pictures off and send them home. I love you all tons have a great week, and I will try and cook up some good stories for you next week.Oh and just remember that I love you and that this is the true church. When you are having a hard day just think of that. And remember to Sonrisa Siempre! And I will do the same. I am trying to practice my smile it helps to get us into doors.

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