Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Hello from Tennessee!!!!!!
Ok so I have a ton to tell you but I have not enough time. So here we go. First off I am I am in an area called Winstead Hill and I have to great Companions Hermana Ethington from Arizona and Hermana Munoz from Mexico. They are both great and help me so much with learning. They are great teachers. My apartment is actually really big and has two full walls of just mirrors. So I wake up and go to the living room and see myself or I walk in the door from a long HOT day of work and I see how gross I look :) but it is a cute little apt. We are really close to the temple our church building is right next to it so I get to see it every Sunday. We are in an English ward and we just have to translate for the Spanish so one of us missionaries translate for them and the other two of us sit with them. It was a fun first Sunday, but crazy all at the same time.
Oh Katie as we have been out knocking doors I see fire flies and I think of you all the time. I was going to get a picture of one because I was holding it but then it flew away, Sad day. Oh and the CD you gave me of A tribute to Nashville by Jason Deere. We he is in our ward so yesterday I met him and told him that I liked his CD and my sister gave it to me when I found out I was going to Nashville. Also we have a concert by him this coming Sunday for all the ward members and investigators. So we will be going to that this week with our investigators. Cool huh :) I am already seeing famous people.
My area is not city city but it is like Mt. Home I would say, or at least the parts I have seen. We are mostly in trailer park areas because that is where the Spanish are. WE were tracting last night and we were just walking down the street going back to our car and this drunk man came out and started talking to us and shook our hands but he wouldn't let go so I had to pull my had from his. GROSS!!! I don't like drunk people.
Oh before I forget by direct address is:
514 N. Petway Street, #301
Franklin TN 37064
So you can write me there and it will come directly to me. Oh I am in a Full car area so I don't get to use my bike so it is just sitting on our balcony not put together yet but it is out of the box because another elder wanted it so he could send his home. Ha Ha Ha Don't worry I will use it sometime.
Ok so my mission has a goal to get 100 baptisms this month. Yep and we are going to do it. We already have about 21 with 71 or so dates set so we are well on our way. WE as a companionship have 3 baptisms for this Saturday and a date for the 23, (Margie's b-day) Great and we have about 4 other families that we are starting to teach. Pray for us to meet our goal. We can do it. Si Se Puede!!!!
Maria-is getting baptized this Saturday she has a cute little family. Her husband is already a member but he didn't remember that he was. But he is not active and doesn’t want to give up playing soccer on Sunday so we are working on that.Conchi and her daughter Fernanda will get baptized this Saturday as well they are a cute family she fed us this Sunday and wow so much food I don’t know how I am going to eat so much.
Elda has a date for the 23 her husband is Hard core Catholic but she said she loved church and her two sons did as well. She told us that her kids have not liked any of the other churches they have gone to but that they liked this one. So that is a good sign.
Ok so I am out of time. I know I have probably not told you everything but I have to go. Oh mom the next time you sent a box I need my blankets my little blue one and my dog one because I don't have a blanket. I love you all tons and tons and tons have a great week. I am doing well and moving along with the work. I need tons of help with Spanish. I usually understand everything I just can't talk back to them.
Oh Margie you said you saw Karen Ward. Yes I remember her and Yes Adam Ward (great missionary) was in my district. I just forgot to tell you so sorry.
Love you all
Sonrisa Siempre


Sister Hegerhorst- Tennessee here she comes!!!

MTC District

MTC Sisters

Sister Groesbeck and Sister Hegerhorst- 4th of July

Margie and Sister Emily Hegerhorst

Margie got to go and see Emily for 45 mins while Emily was in the MTC because Emily left on her mission 13 days before Margie came home off her mission (she served in Chile). They totally look alike in this picture, you can see why a lot of people mistake them for twins... they are two years apart... Margie is older

Getting ready to leave in the morning... not going to make it

YEAH!!! I did it ~Smile~

Sister Hegerhorst and Sister Mindy Gneiting (BYU-I Roommate)

Hi Mom, I am at the airport! Love you lots!!!