Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct. 5 2009


Well first I want to start my letter of with big THANKS!!!!! Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so very special. Mom I got the box a couple days before one of the senior missionaries was coming to Franklin so he brought it on Tuesday. So I opened it and got my blankets (I love my blankets) and waited for Friday to open the rest. Friday came around (my Birthday) and I got mail from Becky and Stewart, Grandma and another package from Margie. Thank you all everything was just what I needed and I thank you all so very much. I love you all. (Most of all Margie thanks for the tape recorder-I think the best gift was being able to listen to the tape you all sent a while ago, and hear all your stories and all your advice and all your voices. So thanks… Oh and Dad thanks for the song I loved it!!!!)

It was a great day we had interviews with President and then found NEW investigators. Oh and one of our investigators that we are teaching named David, he is so smart can quote the scriptures like a pro but he doesn't want to be baptized because he knows the commitments that come with it sad. We are going to try a couple of different things and see if we can change his mind. Any way he found out it was my birthday and we were planning on teaching him on Friday so he said he would bring lunch. So he brought a huge pizza I mean huge and then he also brought 4 different pieces of cake (HUGE pieces of Cake) and a little sign that said happy birthday and candles. It was fun and very nice and our lesson went good with him as well. All in all my birthday was GREAT!!!!

Anyway back to the work of Franklin.....We have two baptisms for this month set and we are going to try and get another one set. We as a companionship have a goal of 3 for the month.

Nita- we contacted into her she is great and really wants to learn and likes the Book of Mormon. She has a date for the 31 of October (what better day then HALLOWEEN) also she has an 8 year old daughter Fernanda and we are going to see if she wants to be baptized too. The only problem is we have to get them to church. This week it will happen. They are going to come and fall in love with it.

Alfredo- He is an investigator that had a date before but then dropped it. But he came to conference last night and after it we taught him about the word of wisdom and a little more about baptism and extended a date. He accepted for the 31 of October. His only concern is his wife in Mexico. He doesn’t think she will like it and if she says no then he wont. But he told us he wants to. He has been to church a ton and loves to read the Book of Mormon and the Sunday school manual. So we are praying that his wife will say ok.

All of our new converts are doing great. They are on fire!!!! Yesterday at conference most of them came and we watched it and ate together as a group and then played games with the kids and then watched the other half. They all seemed to really like it. It was a good experience.

Was not conference amazing!!! I say that as an understatement because there are not words to explain it. We watched Saturday morning session at a members house because they were redoing the carpet in the chapel and didn't have it set up (so we missed the first 1/2 hour but it was good. Then we watched the afternoon in the church. Sunday we watched it in the church with our members and investigators. The morning session I watched in Spanish because there was only one member (Edgar) and I could not leave him and Sister Munoz alone. (I understood some but not all) Then Saturday afternoon I watched in English. It was just really good and what I needed.

Mom and Dad I would just like to say I LOVE YOU! I listened to Elder Bednar and wanted to make sure I got that in. I really do and thanks for everything you do for me. Well this week should go well we have a lot of work to do to meet our goals but we can do it. Thank you all for everything have a great week full of a lot of SMILES!!!!!

Con Amor

P.S. Katie Wilson, and Lauren Stange if you read this will you please send me your new address so that I can write you. Thanks I hope you are doing well. Love ya both and hope school is good and classes are not too hard.