Monday, October 12, 2009

Oct. 12, 2009

Hello my wonderful family,

First I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!! (Feliz Cumpleaños a ti) I hope you know that I am thinking of you all day today!!!

Well where do I start.... my week was good I had a little bit of a hard week but I made it through and am ready to get to work again.

We are to the point in Franklin where we have knocked all the Spanish areas and so now were are having to find other areas to knock but they are mostly English so we knock and ask "Hello do you have any neighbors or friends that speak Spanish that we could share our message with. We get a lot of no, I have no idea, or yeah the next door over. We smile and say thanks and go to the next door to see if they know. Oh it is fun fun work :)

Also this week my companion was having a hard time. She was not feeling good but then she just closed off. I was not able to talk to her and she wouldn't talk to me... and let me tell you when you don't have anyone to talk to and you can't ask questions and you don't know what you are saying in lessons or if you are saying it right it is a little hard. And you feel a little alone. But no worries my companion is back to being funny, really helpful, and amazing. She just had couple of down days. But I really do love her she really does help me a ton. I hope this week will go better for us.

We tracked into a lady (Gloria) and her son (Jose Leonardo age 11) and we found out that she just had a miscarriage so we decided to teach her the 2nd. The spirit was so strong and the little boy was asking all kinds of questions. It was great It is so good to know that Heavenly Father has given us a PERFECT plan. They said they would come to church but they didn't make week.WE also have Alfredo...he has a date for the end of this month. He is doing great. He pretty much told us that he believes everything he just has to talk to his wife in Mexico. He is scared to do that.....but he has to. Oh and he has to quite smoking. But no worries we will get him to stop.

Our other date Nita....well where do I begin? She will not answer her phone, she won’t answer the door, and she won’t talk to us. So we are playing the came called Find is a hard game if anyone knows where to find the rule book on how to win please let me know. So as of right now I don't know much about her. But church was great, next week we have stake conference so that should be great!!!!

I am happy to hear that everyone is doing well and getting better over being sick (Katie). Thanks so much for you letters and e-mails. Keep up the missionary work Stewart and Becky you are doing great. Ok everyone you ready for homework time. Yep this week everyone needs to think of someone who needs the gospel in their lives and give the referral to the missionaries. We NEED REFERRALS!!!!! and the best place to find them is from the ward members. So think think think and tell the missionaries. I will be asking next week how the homework went.

Well I love you Aunt Bonnie sent me a wedding invitation for Kameron so don't send one. Congrats to Christina and Brian on the new baby. I hope you all have a great week; know that I love you tons and think of you often.