Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept. 28, 2009


Well where do I begin.....This week has been full of adventurers. First Hermana Ethington left for a new area so it is just Hna Munoz and I. We should be getting a new companion (visa waiter) this week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also this week it think it was Wednesday we were walking out of an appointment and it was dark and raining and Hna Munoz says "oh no" I was like what??? Well it turns out that her contact had fallen out of her eye so we looked and looked for it with a little flashlight that I had. Then the investigators came out and helped us look but we couldn't find it. Well it turns out that that was her last pair and she has hard contacts so she was going to have to order new ones. So until she gets them she can't really see very well so I have/get to drive. So anyway until she gets her new contacts in about a week or two we hope. I am driving. Wish me luck. so far I have done OK with the help of a GPS (that is Hna Munoz) and I have only almost killed us 1(just kidding). Anyway....

OK so remember when I said that they had that group that they wanted me to sing in for the mission. Well they asked me to sing this week with them (in English-so that was good because I was not ready for Spanish yet) So on Friday we had to go up to Kentucky and sing. It was fun and I did ok, I only messed up a little. But I can now say I have been to KENTUCKY!!!! Then we sang again last night on Sunday (in Brentwood Tennessee). It was good also but once again I messed up but oh well what can you do? They said you couldn't recognize that I messed up. So that is good.

Also was not the RS broadcast wonderful? It was really good and just what I needed to hear I am really excited to get to listen to conference this weekend I think I really need it. I need to hear the counsel to that I can get re energized and work a little harder.

Ok so on to some really good news we had a BAPTISM!!!!!! Jose Luis was baptized on Saturday the 26 of was a small baptism because he is really shy and didn't want anyone there so it was just us missionaries and someone to baptism him and 2 witnesses. But it was a beautiful baptism. Then on Sunday he and Elda were confirmed and given the Holy Ghost and Luis got the priesthood. YEAH!!!!! It was a great day!!!

We are now back to the finding because all our teaching pool is either dropped us or they have become members. So it is back to knocking doors but the hard thing with that is that we have already knocked all the doors and tailor parks that are Spanish so we are going to have to start over knocking the same doors. So pray that we can find new investigators that want to hear the gospel and want to be baptized or people that have had a change of heart and will let us in this time.I don't know if there is really a ton more to tell you all. A lot of the missionaries have been getting sick but so far I am still healthy to I hope it stays that way. But some kind of flue has been going around so I will try and stay away from it. Well I think I have run out of things to say.... Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes I will have a great one. I found out I have President Interviews that day at 7:30 am. Thanks so much have a great week and I shall talk to you all later. I love you all so much I am blessed with the best family in the world.

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