Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hello everyone,

Hello from your favorite Hermana in Tennessee (that is me if you were thinking of someone else....sad day). Well it has been a good week and many great things have happened.

Remember I told you about Delma. She is English but we met her and she told us that she wanted Sisters and not Elders to teach her because she just felt more comfortable well we teamed up with the Elders and teamed taught her. She is amazing and was baptized on Saturday; she was then confirmed on Sunday, she is so happy and excited to be a member. It was a very special day for her and the ward is just helping her along every step of the way, so it is great.

Saturday night at around 10:00 we get a call from our ward mission leader and he says Sisters remember that the 4th Sunday is the Sunday to talk on missionary work. You are speaking right... (What I don't think I agreed to that), but yep. So Sunday we both got to speak in Sacrament meeting on missionary work. Good thing I am getting better at these kinds of things. So sacrament is over and we are going to our Gospel Principles class and the teacher comes up and says I have to leave can you teach the class for me. What are you kidding me... Ok, we said so we decided to ditch the lesson on Honor and teach to the needs of our investigators we taught a 3rd. So yesterday was a day full of unexpected teaching! I don't know really how we did but it is over and we lived.

Oh the best part is....We were teaching our class and it was just us and one new convert and then one investigator because the rest were in primary or had to leave for some reason, anyway we were in there and we were talking about repentance and baptisms and all that great stuff and I ask our investigator "what is one of your goals?" she says "To be baptized with my children." WOW that is a very good goal I thought Hna Ray and I looked at each other Smiled and went on with the lesson. Our member then asked to bare her testimony and it was just what our investigator needed. Amazing! The meeting was so good. After the class it was just us and our investigator so we extended a date for her to be baptized. She says she wants to but we need to help her work through some things. So right now what we have to do is get her divorced. (That is a lot harder then getting someone married so we have a lot of work to do but she wants it so bad she just needs some help and support). Anyway we have a great teaching pool and we are trying all we can to work work work.

Sorry that this is short I am happy that you are all doing well. Hope you have a great great week and that you know I love you so very much. Thanks for Your love and support I wouldn't be able to do it with out you.