Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hello Everyone,

You are all just so amazing I just hope you all know that and never forget it. I am doing well and Hna Ray and I are doing well too. We are working well together and trying hard to keep things rolling here in Madison. We had some amazing miracles happen this week and some adventures as well.

First Flora and Aislin (not Ashley-I found that out this week) were scheduled to get baptized this week. So we made all the plans she was getting baptized on Saturday at 8pm. On Grandmas and Uncle Harolds Birthday. (I sang to you both when I woke up by the way) Well all was good but then we found out that she had to work on Sunday and that she would not be able to come and get confirmed. Well we couldn't have that so we asked her if she believed in Miracles and if she had the faith. She said she did. So we kept going with it and she was asking her boss for work off and we were all praying for the best. Well it came to Saturday and she still didn't know. She went to work but didn't have a phone to call us so we didn't know if she had Sunday off. Well we were going through with the baptism anyway. They showed up at 7:45 I asked her if she had it off and she said. YES my boss gave me Sunday off. HECK YES!!!! Miracles happen and this was a big one. She and her daughter were both baptized and then on Sunday they were confirmed as members of the true church. Love it!!!! The lord is blessing us so very very much. They had tons of there family at the baptism...7 non members to be exact. Jesus and Magdalena (her brother and sister in-law that were baptized in June) were so happy for here and they are all just progressing in the Gospel. I love to see the change in there eyes. the other 3 sisters that were at the baptism we are teaching as well it is only a matter of time before we can help them make this step as well.

Another miracle yesterday at church we had the 2 confirmations and we also had 5 at church. We had a family (mother and 3 kids) who just showed up and said we had a friend tell us about this Church so we wanted to come. Wow so we set up an apt with her and will soon be teaching her and her family. The Lord is amazing.

Hna Hegerhorst stupidity and miracle number 3......well it was Thursday and we had just finished our day of work. We came home at 9:00pm parked the car and did our miles like we do every night. Then we got out locked the car (but I have to push the button in the door because our little clicker thing does not work) and started to the house. I had the cell phone in my hands but then I said to Hna Ray "oh no....Hna I don't have the keys...." so I looked in my bag but no so then we went back to the car and there they were still in the car and not in my hands (I always take the keys out and put them in my had....but not this night). Great I thought I just started laughing because the keys also had our house key on it so there was no way to get into our apt (we couldn't even break in) and no way to get into the car. So we were stuck outside and we were just laughing. Well we had a cell phone so I called our President and explained our situation he said, after we both laughed about the situation, Call a member and see if they can help you but get someone there with you because I don't want you outside by your self especially in your neighborhood. Then if not call a tow company and then let me know what happens. Ok I said. Well it just so happened that a member just moved into our apt complex so we went to his house to ask for help. And as we knocked on his door there was one of the members of our Branch Presidency doing his Home Teaching so we had 3 members there to help us (Miracle!!!!!). We got some hangers went to the car and started to see what we could do. During that time other people noticed what was going on and tried to help. But it didn't work. By this time it was 9:40. I called 2 tow companies but it was either a 1 hour wait a 2 hour wait and $65 or $75 so we didn't go that rout. I called President back told him so we tried a few other things but nothing worked finally somebody told us that our maintenance man lived somewhere in the complex and we knew the letter but not the number so Hna Ray and I went knocking doors at 10:20 at night to find a key to get into our apt. We eventually found him after an amazing 3 doors. He got the spare key and unlocked our apt. We left the keys in the car then in the morning our President was passing through so he brought the spare key that they have and unlocked it for us and gave us the keys. So now we have the keys and we are all laughing about it. We got into the apt that night at 10:25 and went right to bed. But we were safe and nothing happened and we all laughed about it. GREAT times and memories.

Ok well this is long enough but know that i love you all so much. Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. We right now are just working on filling our teaching pool. we have a lot of finding to do this week. So wish us luck.

Love ya!


1. Flora and Aislin
2. Some of Flora ans Aislin's family that was there.
3. Flora and Aidlin and all of there family that was there.

4. Us, Flora, Aislin, and Hno Santillan (he baptized them)
5. Big fish here in Madison on top of a store. (Just some of the many things Madison has to share with you- hahaha)
6. The pink elephant here in Madison outside a car dealership (I don't know why they have it but we are in Tennessee)