Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hello Everyone,

OK well I guess you all want to know where I am going and who I am with and all the exciting news about transfers. Well ok here it is.......I am staying here in Madison Tennessee :) however I am loosing my companion :( she is going back to where she was born in Nashville. Where we both started out together and she will be serving with Hna Taft my old companion. I am getting a new companion Hermana Ray (Hermana Bounds old companion). She has been out about 11 months. Madison was actually her first area so she is coming home and probably knows way more about this area then I do. But it should be good and work out well. I don't want to lose Hermana Bounds but I know that the Lord knows what He is doing, we really have become close these last two transfers but we will be friends forever, so I am not worried. There are more things I need to learn, so forward we go....

Well we had some great miracles this week. Flora (our baptism date) said that she had work and would not be able to come to church so we told her to do all she could so that she could get it off and that the lord would do the rest. Hna Bounds and I prayed so much and did all we could so that we could be worthy of a miracle. Well we had one! Flora called us the Saturday night and told us that she got work off and that her and her daughter would be coming to church on Sunday, YEAH!!!!!! We were so very excited and then on Sunday they came!!!!! She is getting Baptized with her daughter Ashley on the 17th of July (Your birthday Grandma) at 8:00 in the night. We still need your prayers because Ashley who is 9 is deathly scared of water and at her uncles baptism (Jesus's) she was like no way am I doing that I could drown. So we need your prayers to help try to convince her that she is not going to drown but that she will be ok and HAPPY. But they are doing well.

Also at church we had another one of Jesus's sisters there, Rosario. She is also amazing it was her first time at church and she and her kids seemed to love it. She has been studying with the Jehovah Witnesses for a long time so some of the things we have been teaching her she says well I am confused because they are teaching me this and you are saying this. However we told her to pray about what she should do and if she should come to church, the next day we called her and she said she was coming. :) We have seen the light just come into her eyes and she is progressing so much and she loved church. Her daughter Karla who is 5 was scared to go to Primary (she was crying and just didn't want to go) so I told her I would go with her, so I spent the day in primary learning all the primary songs in Spanish. It was fun and she ended up loving it. It was fun to be in Primary for a change and to sing all those familiar songs just in a different language :) LOVE IT!!!

Well that is all that has really happened this week. We have some great miracles taking place and we are trying to fill our teaching pool because it is getting low. I know that my Heavenly Father is helping me and I am learning everyday to lean on him just a little more all the time. We can't do anything without Him. He really is our best friend and I have grown to have great love and testimony of Prayer. I love to talk to my Heavenly Father and together we can do it anytime we want. It really is amazing.

I hope you all have a great week. I want you to know that I love you all so very very much and that I hope you are all doing well. I think of you all and miss you. This work is amazing and I am so happy for the people that I have met. They have changed my life for the better. It is amazing how much people can change you in just a short time. The Lord is amazing and knows just what we need. Have a great week but don't have to much fun without me.....

Les Quiero Mucho!!!!