Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April 26,2010


I am still here no worries. I am alive. Saturday we did have a ton of wind, rain and everything else but we were still outside working and tracting and getting wet Wet WET!!!!! But we didn't get it as bad as some of the other areas. We were told that there was a Tornado warning and to be careful but to keep working and use our best judgment. So we worked and taught people about the gospel. GREAT stuff. Thanks for being worried about me and Aunt Bonnie and Kent thanks for keeping my mom informed about me.

Ok Madison (it is on a map I have seen it) is about 30 from Nashville and about 1 hour from Bowling Green, Kentucky. The other part of my district is in Bowling green so I will be going to Kentucky every other week for district meeting. So this Wednesday I am headed to Kentucky. I am actually really not that far from Clarksville.

Madison is great the area is HUGE we cover about 5 different little cities but it is good. The branch is AMAZING they want to help so bad and do all they can. We have dinner’s every night and they just signed up to come out with us on exchanges so we are getting this area going. Sis Bounds is amazing and together we are going to get this area moving and turned into a ward. There are a lot of Hispanic here but not like Nashville so we do run into a lot of English so we always have an English Book of Mormon with us to give away and teach at the door. But it is all good.

The area is great I love it so far. Oh we called our ward mission leader when we got here and told him that we were here and he said great... will you both speak on Sunday? WHAT.....Ok I said we would love to. So Yesterday we both spoke and it was my first talk in Spanish I am not really sure how my Spanish was I know I made a lot of mistakes but they got the drift and I think I did ok. So that is all good. So anyway it is over and we are moving on in the work. We have found 3 great families already that we are teaching and they all show a lot of potential. Madison has a lot to offer and Hermana Bounds and I are going to discover it together.

Yes I am going to Gladys Knight there is two different shows one at 5:15 and the other at 8:15 I am going to the early one because that is when my investigators can go. I am excited it should be really really good. Also it is right here in Madison so I don't have to travel very far just the 3 miles between where I live and the church :) SWEET!!!!!

Anyway I am doing great I love being a missionary. The people are great and everyday is a learning experience of new things that I can apply to help me more and more. Keep up the great work everyone Know that I love you tons and tons have a great week and we shall talk to you next week. When I know more about the area and can tell you a little more. This week was just get settled in and try and find a place to start. But we are moving forward and life it GREAT.

Love ya