Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April 12, 2010


How is everyone doing this fine and dandy Monday morning.....Great....Wonderful...Fantastic!!!! I am happy to hear it. Thank you all for your letters and words of wisdom.
I have been doing great and it is getting hotter and hotter everyday. But that does not change the is still good it even makes it a little better because people are out and about more and you get a ton more contacts :) SWEET.

Well lets see if I can tell you anything cool that happened this week....
Nothing really we went to see our recent convert MAYRA she is doing good but is struggling right now with money and food and things she has work but her husband is still looking and things are a little hard for them. She didn't come to church yesterday because she was up until 5 the night before with work and her little kids and she didn't hear her phone or us pounding on the door and she didn't wake up until 3:00 but she is still doing well and praying and trying to stay strong. She will make it through I just wish there was more we could do to help her as a missionary. But there is nothing but prayers because like her we don't have money either (just enough to get us by).

GENARO Y ABRAHAM.... They really are amazing. We had some great lessons with them this past week. Abraham has been going to a different church for about 2 months now and he says that they want him to get baptized so he was telling us that he is a little confused and not sure really what he should do. We told him that the thing he needed to do was to ask his HF in prayer and get an answer. So we committed him to pray about the church and what he should do. The next day we followed up to see how it went and he said he prayed and felt good but he is still not sure. We just have to keep teaching him and helping him feel the spirit and he will come along. That same night Genaro asked us if we believed in dreams. We said yes and then asked him is he had one. He said he did so we asked him to explain. He said that in the dream there was Me holding a mike and then behind me there was a bunch of other missionaries (he said he knew they were from our church because of the white shirts and ties) he said that on one side it was dark and there was a storm coming but then on us the missionaries there was a Light shinning and I was teaching him. After he explained the dream Hermana Brodhead said, "So I guess this means you are going to be Mormon" he said yep I guess it does. It was funny. Anyway the only thing is that both of them did not come to church yesterday because they were working on fixing a truck that they would need to get to work the next day... bad reason but the past is the past. Needless to say there dates have dropped for this month (because they have to be at church 3 times at least to be baptized) and so we will have to get them back on track for next month. But we can do it and it will be great.

Other then that we have been working hard and finding new people to teach and do great things. The lord is amazing and is really helping us. This week we have zone conference I love those days I just leave so up lifted and ready to go teach the world. Also this next week is transfers so we will see what changes will happen this Saturday then we have transfer meeting Tuesday. I don't think I will be moving anywhere but we will have to wait and see because with President you never know what will happen. I have been in this area for 6 months but who knows. I like the area it is great and there is still much to be done so I am ok with staying and plus I love the family Linares...They are AMAZING.

Well that is my week. I hope that all is well and that you are doing great things. I love you tons and tons. Mom I am happy to hear that you are doing better each and every day. You really are amazing. I love you tons.

Everyone remember that someone in Nashville Tennessee is thinking of them and loves them.