Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 9, 2010

Hello my wonderful family,

Mom I hope you are doing well and that you know that I love you tons. Me I am doing well. Today is transfers day but I am not leaving I am staying were I am with Hna Taft and we are going to work our little hearts out and do all we can do to get a baptism this month. My District Leader became our new Assistant to the President and so we got a new district leader who was our old zone leader and we got a new zone leader. So we had a lot of changes but it should be good. My district is amazing. We have 4 sisters and 4 elders but two of the elders are zone leaders so we don't see them at our district meetings as much because they have to travel. But it is great and we all get along great. I mean what kind of a district leader would not like a district with just sisters. Hello we are the best :) hahahhaha no but anyway

We have been facing hard times but it is going to change. We have some good investigators but a lot of them are not wanting to progress. The family that was progressing just told us the other day that they were moving and so they would not be here anymore. SAD DAY!!!!! But we told them we would help them find the missionaries so they could keep learning. Also we have another family A mom, dad and little boy they came to church on Sunday but the little boy has so much energy they he just kept running and yelling and making tons of noise that half way through Sacrament the family said I am sorry but we need to go. NOOOOOOO but that is ok they still seem really interested so we are just going to come more prepared for the little boy next sunday I am going to bring out all my tricks. I just didn't know he had so much energy so I didn't come as well prepared. :)

But other then that we are still finding and looking and doing all that fun fun stuff.
I hope you know that I love and miss you all. Sorry that I didn't get write yesterday but the Library was closed for Staff training. :( Sad day but that is ok I am here now...... writing and telling you all that I love you.

Tomorrow is my 9 month mark. That means I am half way through. AHHHHHHH time by fly’s way to fast. I can’t believe it. CRAZY!!!!!!! Well I am sorry that I don't have more to tell you. I hope all is well and that you know that I am well.

Also I would like to tell happy Birthday to Katie, Lauren, Kris, Leah.....and anyone else who has a birthday. I am sorry but i don't know where you all are at or I would send you a birthday card. I need your addresses. But have a happy happy birthday and know that I am thinking of you.

Love you all