Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan. 4, 2010

Hello everyone,

Wow what a week....It was a great week full of great times and hard times and everything combined. Well I will just try and recap everything that kind of went on. New Years was great. We had a full p-day as a zone. We all got together and played basketball (I played and it was so fun because I have not really played competitive for a long time but finally there was another sister who liked to play too so we could both play with the elders) and volleyball and other games and ate and watched a movie. We couldn't watch Up because it was PG but we watched Finding Nemo, it made me happy because I just kept thinking of you mom and "just keep swimming" and just the little phrases like "I wish I could speak whale". So it was a good movie to watch. I was trying to guess what you would all be doing and I have to say that I think from what you told me you did that I had it right. I have a letter that I wrote on New years that I will send to you and it has my thoughts of what you would be doing and I was right on the dot. I am soooooooo good. :)

After that we got back to work and tried to make things happen in our area. We are covering 3 areas so we have our days divided up in the week of what area we will be in. so we have a lot of ground to cover and we are trying to get it all done, great stuff. It keeps us busy but that is ok to be busy and as Becky says that is how we Idaho farm girls work. :)

Mom you mentioned in your e-mail that you talked read e-mails from missionary moms and yes we did do ginger bread cookies. I did them with the elders in my district and my companions. So, YES they were a big hit, thanks to you. You are just so good and smart and knew you needed to send them. I have the best mother. I think mom you might know more about my mission and what goes on then I do. It is so funny that you have everyone’s names. Hey if you ever find out if we are getting anyone new in the Spanish zone let me know. Keep me updated on the info because you know more then me.

I am so happy that you got your SKYPE to work that is so cool that you can talk to Uncle Dan and Becky and Stewart. Yeah for technology!!!!!

Well lets see oh yesterday was Sunday and we had 3 investigators at church....we were working so hard to get our investigators to come and we got 3 of them. Right now we are working with like 5 families trying to get them to know that this is the path that they need to take but they are moving really slow but we are not giving up on them. They all have a ton of potential and we have our work to do.

I am so very grateful for this gospel and for this opportunity that I have to share it with others. Dad I am happy to surgery went well and that you are getting better and not looking as scary. Grandma I wanted to tell you thanks for the sweater and for everything. You are great I love you so much. I hope you are feeling better and that all is well. Thanks for worrying about me. You are such a great Grandma.

I hope you all have a great week...thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I love and appreciate everything. Know that I love you....this church is true.

Con Amor