Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 11, 2010


Well first off I will just let you know that it is cold here. We have had kind of a slow week because it has been snowing for 3 days and so they cancelled school but it really didn't do anything. It was not even an inch of snow but it was enough for these crazy crazy drivers that they closed schools and we as missionaries were not allowed to drive. So we got to walk to all our appt. in the snow and wind and freezing temp. It was cold but we made it out alive and all the ice has gone and the snow so we can DRIVE!!!! :) So we were limited on who we could see because everything was too far to walk to so we did what we could called and talked to those we couldn't and all worked out.

We worked so hard and told the lord that we would do everything we could and we just wanted to get at least 3 investigators at church. Well This Sunday (yesterday) we got 6 yep we got 6 investigators at church. It was so good. IT was so amazing to see the benefits of your hard work. They all loved church and I hope will be coming back next week. We found a little family. They were actually a reference from an inactive member. Her name is Alycia and she has a 12 year old daughter America and then a 6 year old Michelle and a 4 Year old Chris. They all came to church and loved it. Also we have couple and they are doing amazing and then two other people. WE are hoping to set some baptism dates soon but we will see.

So the week was slow but it paid off in the end. We are ready for another week of fun and COLD weather and everything.I am happy that you all are doing well, I am grateful for your love and support. I couldn't do this without you. I am so very grateful for my Heavenly Father and the love I see from him everyday. I have been so very blessed and I can see it in my family and in my life everyday.Dad I am happy that you are doing well and that you are getting better. Know that you are in my prayers all the time. Have a great week.