Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan. 19, 2010

Hey Fam,
So yesterday was Martin Luther King Day so we didn't get to e-mail. But I wrote you a letter so it is coming your way mom and dad. This week has been good, and busy. There are a lot of things that I want to tell you but I don't have time because we have an apt. at 12:00 and I had to wait an hour for a computer :(

We had some great experiences this week. We are working with a lot of families but they are just saying that they want more time. So we are going slowly with them but it is crazy. I know they are ready and the lord knows they are ready they just have to learn it for them selves.

This week we had interviews with president and we were on our way there. We were riding with a member so we could save miles. Well we all got in the car said a prayer for safety like we always do and were off on our way. We were driving on the freeway and this car cuts us off so she swerves so miss him but then there was another car moving over from the other lane so we were between two cars she slammed on her brakes did a little more swerving and we made it out. It was so crazy but it was because we had the Lord’s help that nothing happened. It was a day of miracles. We had our interviews and all was great.

We had 2 investigators at church this Sunday we are working with a less active family to get there son baptized so they were at church. We will have to see how that goes. But really all is going well. Once again I am sorry this is short but I don't have time. Mission Life is great I love it. Tennessee it Beautiful and the people here are amazing. Love ya all
Hna Hegerhorst

Letter sent to Mom and Dad (as stated above)

Dear Mom and Dad,

It has been a little crazy but I found time to write today. We couldn’t e-mail today because it is Martin Luther King Day so here is your letter. I am doing great and the work here is going good but a little slow. We have about 5 families that we are working with and trying to get ready for baptism. A lot of them could be ready but they are just not sure so we are taking it slow with them. I can hardly believe how fast the time goes. It has almost been 1 transfer since I got my two companions. We have had so much fun and success and have grown together so much. I am hoping we get one more transfer together. We will find out Saturday (Jan. 23) because next Tuesday is transfers so we will see. I love my companions and it feels like I have known them forever and we work so well together and help each other grow. Great Times!!!!

We have one couple Cecilia and Felix that we are working with for baptism. They are Great and a super family. Well, today we needed to go to Wal - Mart to get some things for this week. We usually take a Spanish Book of Mormon with us into the store, but today we decided to take an English book in stead. We got to Wal-Mart and went to print some pictures off, while we were doing that we saw a lady who works there, I had seen before and she was always so sweet to us and very helpful. My companions and I decided that she was the person we needed to give our Book of Mormon away to. So one of my companions got her attention and held up the book. When she came over to us, we asked her if she had seen the book before and the lady said yes. I asked her if she had read it and she said no. We than asked her if she would like to. With tears in her eyes she said, are you going to give me that book. She then told us how she had prayed that morning for help and that we were the answer to her prayers. She took the book and held it close and said I have been looking for a good book to read. I will read this thank you so much. We all bore our testimonies to her and took her name and number. We all left with tears in our eyes, she was so touched and very emotional. It was such an amazing experience. The Lord has people prepared for us to find and teach. Miracles happen every day!

We have two other families’ we are teaching but they are slow and wanting more time. One of the ladies we have been teaching ahs all of a sudden started to ignore us, at first we didn't know why. She is not married to the man she lives with, but together they have four children together. We saw her “husband” and asked him if he knew what was wrong. I guess she thinks her boyfriend has a crush on my companion. We have tried to tell her we were not interested in anything but preaching the gospel, but she is worried. I guess we will have to figure that out how we can fix our problem before we can move on.

I am doing great and my companions are doing great also. We are all doing the Lords work and working together so well. It is amazing. Yeah!!! I am being taken care of so all is well. I love this work and the people here in Tennessee. Tell everyone in the ward I say hello and thank them for all their letters. I wish I could answer them all but my time is busy doing the Lords work. I love you all and think of you all so much. Have a great week and know that I love you all.
Love Hermana Hegerhorst (Emmy)
A now angle with my name tag on it.
Me in the snow all bundled up

We saw this sign and thought it was a great way to get people to church....NOT (hahah but really funny)
This is me and my two companions. I don't know if you can see it very well but I cut my hair so it is shorter in this picture. But anyway my companions. Sister Bounds, me, and Sister Brodhead.

This is us mom with the ginger bread cookies that you sent. Great FUN!!!

Love You All!