Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb. 1, 2010

Hey Family,

I hope all is well with you and that you are doing great. I am!!! This week was a little crazy but things worked out and we had some fun times. First it we were told that there would be a chance of snow on Friday and we woke up that morning and sure enough there it was the snow. Yeah!!! It was beautiful and COLD! Because of the snow we were not allowed to drive our car, so my companion and I marched off on foot to find our investigators. We found: people that were interested, people who didn't really care, and others who just took pity on us because it was cold. We were not allowed to drive again on Saturday so we walked once again in the snow and ice, only this time my companion was a little sick and I don't think the cold did anything to help her get better. Sunday, church was cancelled because of the roads were snowy, and once again we were not allowed to drive. My companion was not feeling good at all, she got dizzy every time she stood up. So I called President got permission to leave her with our ward mission leader’s family, the Linears. I went out to do missionary work with Jennifer the 13 year old daughter of the Linears. We had tons of fun together and found some new investigators. Yippy!!!

As of today we are now allowed to drive, but it was fun to walk around our area for a time… I like walking. It is crazy that another month has gone by---where does the time go? The work is good the people are amazing! We are still working with the same people to try and get them baptized. Cecilia and America need to put their faith in the Lord and except the invitation to be baptized.

Well I think that this is all the news I have for you, I love you all lots and lots!