Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 21, 2009

Hey Family,

This wont be a really long letter because I don't have tons of time but I get to talk to you on FRIDAY and I am so excited. First my Christmas day is kind of crazy so I think I will call you in the morning when you are all in the house and we will all be opening presents together...Yeah! Ok so if I call you at 7:30am my time it will be 6:30am your time will that work for you? I hope so we are all like little kids and we are all up at that time anyway so it is all good. Just plan on my call between 6:30 and 7 your time or if that doesn’t work I will call you at 12 my time and it will be 11 your time. This is confusing because I don't know what my schedule is like yet, I guess if all else fails I will call you in the morning and tell you what is going on for about one min so plan on a phone call around 6:30 either way. Becky and Stewart I will call you when I get an hour in the day you said you were open all day so I will call you when I can.

DAD- What in the world were you thinking?!!!!!! You are not supposed to get hurt, it is Christmas! [Note made by Becky: Emily is referring to an accident that dad had with his wood lathe, while making a wooden bowl. He broke his nose and a few bones in this cheek, as well as giving himself a large black eye.] I am happy to hear that you are doing a little better I am sorry that you got hurt but happy that it was nothing worse. Hope you know that I love you tons and I hope you get better soon. Send me some pictures so I can see what you look like, please.

Ok, on to missionary stuff… I am now training two sisters, Sister Bounds (from California) and Sister Brodhead (from Washington state) they are both great are teaching me more then I am teaching them. Sister Bounds was in the intermediate Spanish class at the MTC so she knows a lot and helps me with my Spanish, I help her with the teaching, and together we help Sister Brodhead. They are both great and they really don't need my help. Mom, that is funny that you talked to Elder Goodmans family. Elder Goodman is a great elder and a great district leader.

Mom I hope that you get your package I sent it and they told me it should get to you before Christmas so I hope that it does. It is coming! Also this Wednesday we get to go to the TEMPLE, I am excited this is my fist time to go since being in Nashville. It should be fun, and a neat experience. We get to spend 5 hours in the temple so I may get to do everything. Yeah!!!!! Also I think we have 3 dinners apt for Christmas Eve, 1 for Christmas breakfast, and 1 for Christmas dinner so we are packed. I also think we get to watch a movie on Christmas. It will be a fun day and a day full of FOOD!!!!! They feed you so much her but don't worry I am watching what they give me and how much.Oh Jose was baptized yesterday and it was amazing we have another date for the 27th of this month but we are going to have to work on him because he is a little unsure right now. I will let you know how that goes.

That is so exciting that Ashley got her mission call there. She is going to be amazing I was thinking that she would go to a visitor center I don't know why but I just kept thinking that. She will do amazing tell her congrats and I will try and get a letter written to her.

I love you tons hope all it going well. Be safe and I will call you on FRIDAY!!!!!Love